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Mormon Scientist: The life and faith of Henry Eyring.

Memoirs of the man who fused science & religion

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I Should Have Been Walking Too

Tony Morgan |  posted: Jan. 7, 2009 |  occurred: 1970s |  in: Salt Lake City, Utah, USA

Henry’s wife Mildred was my mother’s first cousin, although a bit older. My father, who came to the U of U in 1951 from Los Alamos, as Director of Research, worked closely with Henry and always had the greatest admiration for him.

Henry was always solicitous, kind and gracious to me. I used to try to give him a ride home when I saw him walking from work but soon learned that it was an offer in vain, and it made me feel like I should have been walking too. When he was on the high council in Bonneville Stake, I was serving as executive Secretary to President Frank Gibbons, and Henry was such a refreshing delight to have on that body. Great man and great story to tell.