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Mormon Scientist: The life and faith of Henry Eyring.

Memoirs of the man who fused science & religion

FAQ › Submitting reviews & experiences

Who can submit “memories”?

Any person who has met or been influence by Dr. Eyring either directly or indirectly.

Who owns my memory submission?

You do. See our Terms of Service for a more detailed answer.

What are the submission guidelines / rules?

In order to submit memories or reviews to, the following terms of submission will apply:

Submissions of any kind

  • Submission does not guarantee publication.

  • We reserve the right to make minor edits (e.g., of typographical or grammatical errors) without seeking your review. If more substantial changes are needed (e.g., for exceeding 1000 words or tending toward controversy), we’ll send you suggestions for revision.

  • Submissions should adhere to the standards and conditions of faithfulness, good humor, and brevity.

Memory submissions in particular

  • Memories of Dr. Eyring are verified in the same way that most newspapers verify a letter to the editor — your full name, telephone number, email, ZIP / Postal code and year of birth are required to allow us to verify the authenticity of your entry. This information will be kept confidential; your posted entry can be unsigned or attributed to a pseudonym (please include such information at the end of your submission). See our privacy policy for more information.

  • Please allow two weeks for your entry to be reviewed and posted.