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Mormon Scientist: The life and faith of Henry Eyring.

Memoirs of the man who fused science & religion

About the book

Twice during the final years of his life, Elder Neal A. Maxwell told a grandson of Henry Eyring’s, “You need to write your grandfather’s story.” Mormon Scientist is that story of Henry Eyring, an acclaimed and highly-respected member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Henry Eyring showed how science ad religion are intertwined, and this book makes that relationship easily understood for newcomers to both subjects.

Mormon Scientist demonstrates the reason why one of Mormonism’s highest-profile intellectuals was also one of its humblest believers. In fact, the story of Henry Eyring shows how intellect and belief go hand-in-hand and how simple, faithful people can change the world.

From the author

At the beginning, writing Mormon Scientist was merely about fulfilling an assignment, one given years earlier by Elder Neal Maxwell. I was on my way to Japan for three years, and I had the feeling that the project couldn’t wait until I returned. Having nothing but a few personal memories of my grandfther and two already published books to work from, I went in search of new material in his archive at the University of Utah. What I found there exceeded my wildest expectations: original letters and unpublished speeches and family histories that brought my grandfather back to life for me. The writing assignment immediately took on deeper meaning, as I dreamed of sharing Grandpa’s stories with my children and cousins. Digging through the archive, I realized how much my worldview is rooted in Grandpa’s unique way of thinking, an intangible but immensely valuable legacy that was passed to me informally — and without my full awareness — by my father. I wanted others share in the legacy.

~ Henry J. Eyring, author of Mormon Scientist

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