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Mormon Scientist: The life and faith of Henry Eyring.

Memoirs of the man who fused science & religion

About has the same purpose as Mormon Scientist the book, namely to show

  1. How intellect and belief go hand-in-hand, and
  2. How simple, faithful people can change the world.

Dr. Henry Eyring embodied these ideas. Through this site you can learn more about his life of science, religion, humor and service. Most of what you learn will come from others like yourself — ordinary yet extraordinary people who have submitted their memories of Dr. Eyring. These memories may be personal, but they don’t need to be. Maybe you took a class from him or met him at the drinking fountain. Perhaps you read a paper or listened to a talk of his years after the fact. No matter the incident, if you remember it we encourage you to submit it.

The Hosts is hosted by friends of Henry Eyring, with the support of volunteers from i-Comm Student Media, a student-led and staffed organization at Brigham Young University - Idaho.